Unleashing the Power of Brand Consistency

The Importance of Updating Branding on Shopify Transactional Emails

When you've spent countless hours meticulously planning, designing, and polishing every aspect of your Shopify store, ensuring each detail is perfect to reflect your brand image, it can be a sore disappointment when the rest of your brand elements don't match up.

Often, one overlooked detail that can undermine your brand's consistency is the design of your Shopify transactional emails.

These emails - order confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets - are a significant touchpoint with your customers. It's crucial that they align with your overall brand image.


A seamless shopping experience goes beyond having a visually appealing storefront. It includes creating a consistent, branded journey across all customer touchpoints - transactional emails being a critical part of that journey.

Why You Should Update Your Shopify Transactional Email Branding

  1. Brand Consistency: Consistency in branding helps establish a robust and memorable brand image. When every interaction, including transactional emails, mirrors your brand's look and feel, it reinforces your brand identity, making it more recognisable to your customers.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: A well-branded transactional email gives customers a sense of familiarity and assurance, enhancing their overall shopping experience. It builds customer trust and signals professionalism.
  3. Better Engagement: Branded emails have a higher open and click-through rate, improving customer engagement. They stand out in a cluttered inbox and are less likely to be mistaken for spam or phishing attempts.

How to Update Branding in Your Shopify Transactional Emails

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to update the logo and button colours in your Shopify Admin settings:

1. Updating Your Logo and Changing Button Colour

To update your logo on all transactional emails:

  • Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  • Navigate to 'Settings' and then click on 'Notifications.'
  • Click on the "Customize email templates" button.
  • Click on the 'Add image' button to add your new logo or choose an existing one from your files.

To update the Button and Link Colours

  • On the same page,
  • Here you will see the 'Colors' section where you can alter the 'Accent color.'
  • Click on the colour you wish to change and select the new colour from the colour picker or enter the Hex colour code
  • Remember to hit 'Save' to apply and see a preview of the changes.

Further Customisation

To customise your email templates even further requires HTML and CSS knowledge. It is best to leave this to professionals such as us as wickEdCommerce. 

Alternatively a service such as OrderlyEmails offer designed email templates for a fee of $99 / year can be used


Remember, every aspect of your customer's journey, including transactional emails, is an opportunity to reinforce your brand.

By taking the time to align your Shopify transactional emails with your brand image, you're not only enhancing the customer experience but also building a stronger, more consistent brand.

Now go forth and create that unforgettable brand journey!

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